Mid-Coast Currents 4/15/11

Producer/Host: John Zavodny
Studio Engineer: Amy Browne


Who will be performing at the Belfast Free Range Music Festival? What makes the mid-coast a good place to play, hear, and promote music? Can Belfast be considered a legitimate music town without a major venue?

Meg and Bub Fournier: mid-coast music promoters; coordinators of the Belfast Free Range Music Festival;
Emily Burnham: Lifestyle reporter for the Bangor Daily News since 2006, avid local music fan and supporter, former music director for WMEB 91.9 FM at the University of Maine, Belfast native.
Dan Beckman: Host of underground house (or in this case, barn) concerts; mid-coast music producer, including Waterfall Arts. Co-owner of “Turned Word,” a mid-coast based record label; nationally touring musician; Free Range Music Festival organizer; and sometime dj at WERU;
Nancy Zane: Women’s Environmental Leadership Coordinator at Unity College.

Meg and Bub Fournier, Belfast Free Range Music Festival: freerangemusicfestival.com/
Dan Beckman: ukeofspacescorners.blogspot.com/; www.turnedword.com
Emily Burnham: eburnham@bangordailynews.com
House Concerts: www.concertsinyourhome.com; www.downeastmusic.org