Let’s Talk About It 11/12/21: “Growing Up In Domestic abuse– Man’s Perspective”

Producer/Host: Patrisha McLean
Technical assistance: Tammy Oropesa
Music: Roan Yellowthorn from Blue Elan Records, and Clara Shneid, Kathryn Brunhaver, Suzie Assam from DocSong

Drinking as a factor in domestic abuse, mother/son relationship, breaking the cycle. Guest Andy talks about growing up with a violent, angry father and also about getting out himself as an adult but his mother still being trapped.

-Growing up with an angry and controlling father
-Breaking the cycle
-Wanting to get your mother to safety

About the host:

Patrisha McLean is the founder/president of Finding Our Voices, the survivor-powered, grassroots non-profit breaking the silence of domestic abuse all around the state.