6/30/20 Let’s Talk About It: Intimate Partner Abuse

Producer/Host: Patrisha McLean

Episode Four of Let’s Talk About It is a two-parter around the theme of “Revelations”.

First part, sisters Julie, and Patti from Portland, talk about how Julie’s parents and sister were also victims of the abuser that she lived with for 10 years, and how Patti slowly came to realize how hard it was for Julie to leave that relationship.
Second part, 79-year-old Linda of Rockport talks about a first, 20 year marriage she didn’t realize until recently was abusive.

Music by Nora Willauer.

About the host:
Patrisha McLean is an award-winning photojournalist and human rights activist based in Camden Maine. She specializes in ending the stigma and shame for human struggles including homelessness and drug addiction.

In 2019, her multi-media exhibit featuring the faces and voices of Maine Survivors of domestic abuse toured the state including three months at the Holocaust and Human Rights Center, Augusta. She has presented her project and her own story of entrapment and freedom to groups ranging from high school and university students to women prisoners. Patrisha is president of the non-profit organization Finding Our Voices which is committed to breaking the silence of intimate partner abuse conversation by conversation, through bold, creative, community projects.