Family Corner 7/26/17

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: Joel Mann

Homeless Youth in Maine: Services and Supports Available for Northern Maine Counties

-Homeless youth are not kids who have “run away from home” – they have been rejected, thrown out or escape from dangerous home circumstances
-Many of these youth have mental health issues due to poverty, child abuse, living in a home where there is substance use, physical abuse, etc.
-Each of these kids needs time and support to develop trust, as they have been disappointed so many times before by adults in their lives
-Success happens for so many of these kids
-Important to provide food, address Maslow’s hierarchy in order to create a trusting relationship where you can then help the youth

Sherrie House (Streetlight Outreach Coordinator
Nathaniel Coe (Streetlight Outreach Team)
Christopher Bowie (Streetlight Outreach Team)
Daniel Wendell (Streetlight Outreach Team)
Cody Webster (Streetlight Outreach Team)