Family Corner 6/22/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Resilient Children, Families and Communities

Program Topic: Resilience Building: Something we all can do!

Key Discussion Points:
a) Resilience is the ability to overcome the challenges of all kinds – trauma, tragedy, personal crisis, and everyday life problems – whether you are a child, adult or a community of any type – and to be able to bounce back stronger, more wide and more connected with others.
b) There is a growing body of scientific research that tells us when people or communities are experiencing a lot of stress or risk, without support or help to reduce the stress, people can turn to unhealthy ways to cope through the challenges.
c) Anyone can help another person to raise resilience – Hunt the Good Stuff – have time everyday to “debrief” and to focus on three good things that happened during the day, what do these good things meant o you, and what can you do tomorrow to have more good things happen? It also helps to talk about ways that you or others helped to contribute to these good things as ways to identify successful strategies and celebrate them.

Tara Young, Healthy Acadia