Family Corner 11/26/14

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Healthy Social/Emotional Skill Development

Program Topic: Hungry for Love: Mealtime is more than an opportunity for food

Key Discussion Points:

a) Mealtimes provide opportunities for parents and care givers to instill “executive

functioning” skills in children

b) These skills are the foundation for learning and include Focus and Self Control,

Perspective Taking, Communicating, Making Connections, Critical Thinking, Taking on

Challenges, being Self-Directed, and the ability to Engage in Learning.

c) “The food is important, but your love, your care and your connections are far more

important than the food.”

d) Parents who use their power and love to build mealtime environments help their children

to be better equipped to thrive in life.

Guest: Charlie Slaughter, MPH, RD