Doing Business 11/6/08

Producer/Host: Jane Haskell, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: The Costs of Buying Locally

Why start your own business and market a Maine product?  What are the direct costs are that are associated with buying locally?  What are some of the “costs” associated with inexpensive foods or products (that are not local)?  How does this all connect with the thought that if you use $1 locally it rolls over 7 times in the local economy?


Constance & Keith Bodine, co-owners and Madeleine Bodine, Sweetgrass Farm Winery and Distillery,  347 Carroll RD, Union ME  04862; 207-785-3024;

Chris Roberts, owner, Barkwheats Dog Biscuits, PO Box 194, Stockton Springs, ME  04981; 207-449-1214,;

Paula Roberts, co-owner,  Meadowsweet Farm, 105 Stevens Road, Swanville ME 04915; (207) 338-1265;

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