Doing Business 3/1/07

Producer/host: Jane E Haskell, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

TODAYS TOPIC(S):  How Dangerous Is Your Job?

Is it true that the smaller the business the great the possibility of getting injured?  What do the very small one-person or one family businesses have for assistance (if no worker comp)?  What is available for training or printed or electronic materials for the very small, one person business owner?  What resources (insurance) are available for them?  What is the relationship between workplace injury and the overall economic health of a community?

Tom Boothby, owner, Windwood Builders, Montville ME; 207-589-4524;

Daniel S.  Cote, Senior VP, Safety, Maine Employers’ Mutual Insurance Company – MEMIC; Portland, ME, 207.791.3480;;

Scott King, owner, Skyview Family Farm, Montville, ME; 207- 589-4121;

Jacqueline Lee, Belfast, ME, 207 338-3075;