The Cosmic Curator 11/5/22: Shocks and More Shocks

This is your Cosmic Curator, Tom Yaroschuk, with a look at the stars for November 5th and the week beyond.

Well folks welcome to November where the best way to sum up this month’s energy is shock, more shock… and even more shock.

Here’s why, the astrological community is abuzz with the significance of the November 8th lunar eclipse which is tangles up with Rahu, the demon shadow planet and Uranus, the planet known as the Great Awakener, the revolutionary, the disrupter of the status quo. Let’s start with the lunar eclipse…

About the Host:
Tom Yaroschuk is a Vedic Astrologer. His intention is to help people understand their karma and the issues they may confront to cultivate more fulfilling lives. Tom is writing a memoir of the spiritual lessons derived from his work in a Homeless Day Center in between a career as an award winning television and documentary producer.