Common Health 11/21/07

Producer/host: Jim Fisher

Topic: Mental Health

san·i·ty (n)
1. state of good mental balance: the condition of being mentally healthy and able to make rational decisions
2. good sense: common sense, reasonableness, and predictability
– to restore a little sanity to the situation
Early 17th century. via Old French sanite from, ultimately, Latin sanus “whole, sound.”] (Source: Encarta)
Mental health is no less important than physical health, yet mental illness has been stigmatized, marginalized, denied and locked away throughout history.   Today’s program is a dialogue on a public health perspective of mental illness causes, consequences and solutions.

* John Hillman-Waters, Mental Health Counselor
* Glenn Ross, Penobscot County Sheriff
* Rick Redmond, LCSW, Administrator, Admissions and Community Services Acadia Hospital

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