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WERU Review 5/30/08

Producer/Host: Matt Murphy

A call-in show on the topic of station operations and news

WERU Review 4/24/08

A call in show focused on what’s happening at WERU, with the voices of WERU members, listeners, Board members, staff and volunteers asking/answering questions and offering feedback.

WERU Review 8/30/07

A call-in show featuring news and information about WERU

WERU Review 3/30/07

Producer/Host: Matt Murphy

A periodic “ask the manager” type call in program about this community radio station, especially dedicated to listener comments and questions.

Today also featuring a check-in with other community radio stations in our region: Ron Peshay, Fundy Community Radio (in planning stages for Washington County); Emily Sapienza, WRFR in Rockland and Tim Stone, WSCA in Portsmouth, NH (WMPG in Portland did not have anyone available today).

WERU Review 12/29/06

Producer/host: Matt Murphy

A call in show focusing on WERU programming and operations