WERU SoapBox 1/19/07

Producer/host: Matt Murphy

A call-in show with the topics of discussion determined by the callers

WERU Soap Box 12/15/06

Producer/host: Matt Murphy

A call-in soap box with listeners determining the topics of discussion

WERU SoapBox 11/17/06

Host: Matt Murphy

Call in show with the callers determining the topics of discussion.

WERU Soap Box 10/20/06

Host: Matt Murphy

Community call-in “soap box” on a variety of topics (determined by callers)

WERU Soap Box 06/16/06

WERU Soap Box
Host: Matt Murphy
Varied topics, call-in community soap-box
What are people in the listening area thinking about?
What do they want to say to other listeners/callers?