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Renewable Radio 12/05/08

Producer/Host: Dave Evans

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Transition to sustainable fuels

How do we reduce our use of fossil fuels?  How do you plan changes to a building to switch to renewable fuels?  What are some promising alternative fuel developments?

Guest: Pat Coon, ReVision Energy

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Renewable Radio 11/7/08

Producer/Host: Dave Evans

Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

Topic: Wood heat

How can one dry wood quickly?   Should a woodstove air intake be connected to outdoor vents or draw in indoor air?  What are Russian stoves and what are gasification boilers?


Peter Lammert, Forester, Maine Forest Service;  Jim Rocket, Evergreen Home Solutions

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Renewable Radio 10/03/08

Producers/Hosts: Dave Evans & Bruce Maanum

Topic: Co-op Wind Turbines

What kind of wind-turbine installation do today’s guests have planned for Vinalhaven?  How are co-op members paying for this project?  How can a community group start a similar project?


Chip Farrington, General Manager, Fox Islands Electric Cooperative

George Baker,  on Board of Swan’s Island Electric Cooperative; Professor, on sabbatical,  Harvard Business School

Renewable Radio 9/05/08

Producer/Host: Dave Evans

Topic: Maine Energy Policy

What programs does Maine have to address this winter’s oil costs?  Where can people find out about Maine energy programs?  Why doesn’t Maine offer more financial incentives?

Guest: John Kerry, Director of the Governor’s Office of Energy Independence and Security

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Renewable Radio 8/01/08 (recorded at Full Circle Fair 7/27/08)

Producer/Host: Dave Evans

Topic: Sunspaces as supplementary heat sources

Can a sunspace reduce heating bills?  What makes an efficient sunspace design?  Are there particular construction details that are important for sunspaces?

Guest:  Bruce Stahnke,  Architect, Stahnke & Kitagawa Architects

Recorded with a live audience and audience participation at the 2008 Full Circle Fair, 7/27/08,  in Blue Hill, Maine

Renewable Radio 7/04/08

Producer/Host: Bruce Maanum and Dave Evans

Topic: Biochar

What is biochar?  How can biochar help with my garden?   How can it help climate change?

Guest: Julie Major, PhD Candidate, Cornell

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Renewable Radio 6/6/08

Producer/Host: Dave Evans

Topic: Get your house off oil

This show contains more information than planned about oil burners in esponse to listener’s questions about how to reduce their oil heating bills.  Pat Coon has learned lots about oil burners while adding solar
and wood heating equipment to existing oil-burner installations

How can I reduce oil use for heat and hot water? Do on-demand water heaters help? Can solar water heaters help with space heating?

Guest: Pat Coon, co-owner RE Vision Energy

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Renewable Radio 5/22/08

Producer/Host: Dave Evans

Topic: Root Cellars

Why build a root cellar?  What foods store well in root cellars?  How would someone build a root cellar?

Guests:  Leslie Cummins & Tim Seabrook, Owners of 5-Star Nursery and Orchard, North Brooklin, Maine, 207-359-2282

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