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Healthy Options 8/01/07

Producer/host: Andrée Bella

Topic: The (Original) Secret and Powerful Intentions

What can I learn from the movie, The Secret?  What is the Law of Attraction?  Who is Abraham?

Guest: Bob O’Conner, Chief Amazement and Wizardry Officer of Powerful Intentions (online community)


Healthy Options 7/04/07

Producer/host: Cynthia Swan

Guest: Steve Curtin, DO

Topic: Osteopathic Medicine

Healthy Options 6/06/07

Producer/host: Rhonda Feiman – L.A.C., Doctor of Asian Medicine

Topic: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Identification and Treatment, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and Eye Movement Desensitization and Processing (EMDR)

Guests: Dr. Jerold Hambright, Staff Psychologist at Togus Veterans Administration Medical Center, Augusta, Maine; Lisa Kushner, Clinical Social Worker and EMDR practitioner, Belfast, Maine

For more information about the Togus PTSD program contact Dr. Shantal Mihn, 207-623-8411, ext. 5405

Healthy Options 5/2/07

Producer/host: Andree Bella

Topic: “Kombucha and Aromatherapy: Recipies for Health”.

Guests: Tom Prescot discussing how to make Kombucha Tea, and Diane Braybrook talking about simple aromatherapy concoctions. The idea behind the show was to talk about simple, inexpensive healthy options that are available to everybody.

Healthy Options 4/4/07

Producer/host: Cynthia Swan

Topic: Breath work

Healthy Options 3/7/07

Producer/host:  Rhonda Feiman

Guest: Alexandra Merrill

Topic: Women’s Group Process

Healthy Options 2/7/07

Producer/host: Andree Bella

Healthy Options 1/03/07

Producer/host: Cynthia Swan

Topic: Aquatic Integration/WATSU: What is AI? What is WATSU? How can these modalities help people? Who created these modalities for healing and why?

Guests: Cameron West; Vicki Mitchell; Dr. Stephen Huyler