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Family Corner 2/22/17

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Food Insecurity in Maine: Focus on Washington, Hancock Counties

Program Topic: Helping Our Neighbors: Combating Hunger
Key Discussion Points:
a) Food insecurity, or HUNGER, has increased substantially in Maine subsequent to the LePage Administration restrictions to eligibility for SNAP benefits
b) Maine is now 9th in the country; 1st in New England in terms of food insecurity
c)Affects all Mainers – children, youth, families, adults and seniors
d)There are many opportunities in Washington/Hancock County to both volunteer or receive help and assistance
e) Organizations throughout Maine are partnering together to maximize resources (people, time, money) to address food insecurity

Joe Perkins, Director of Development & Community Services
Emily Herwerden, AmericaCorps VISTA with Healthy Acadia
Marjorie Peronto, Extenstion Educator with University of Maine Cooperative Extension

Family Corner 12/28/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: The Safety Net

Program Topic: Supports for people in need/opportunities to make a difference

Key Discussion Points:
a) Washington Hancock Community Action Program provides an array of services to indicate individuals living in poverty in these two counties
b) WHCA is one of 10 Community Action Agencies in Maine
c) Services are focused on families, adults, seniors, veterans and include housing/transportation/food/fuel/access to health care, ADSC and the At Home supports

Joe Perkins Director of Development and Community Services
Jennifer Trowbridge, Housing Director
Bob I Harris, Special Projects/HRS director

Family Corner 11/23/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: Amy Browne

Program Topic: Thanksgiving Dinner Relationships

Key Discussion Points:
Importance of relationships in our lives
Handling and preparing for the inevitable challenges
Even disasters can be memorable!

Guest: Charlie Slaughter MPD RD

Family Corner 9/28/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Program Topic: Access to high quality health care for all Mainers

Key Discussion Points:
a) federally qualified health centers throughout Maine provide access to a full range of high quality health care – medical, dental and behavioral health services
b) services are àvailable regardless of insurance status or ability to pay
c) Mainers of all ages are served through 20 FQHCs with 70 sites statewide

Vanessa Santarelli, CEO Maine Primary Health Care
Carol Carew, CEO Bucksport Regional Center

Family Corner 7/27/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Raising Healthy Happy Children

Program Topic: Emotions and Mindfulness

Key Discussion Points:
a) It is important to acknowledge and experience feelings and emotions
b) By doing this, we can help our children and others around us to manage their emotions, becoming more healthy and vibrant in their lives
c) Mindfulness is paying attention on purpose without judgment

Guest: Nancy Hathaway, PhD

Family Corner 6/22/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Resilient Children, Families and Communities

Program Topic: Resilience Building: Something we all can do!

Key Discussion Points:
a) Resilience is the ability to overcome the challenges of all kinds – trauma, tragedy, personal crisis, and everyday life problems – whether you are a child, adult or a community of any type – and to be able to bounce back stronger, more wide and more connected with others.
b) There is a growing body of scientific research that tells us when people or communities are experiencing a lot of stress or risk, without support or help to reduce the stress, people can turn to unhealthy ways to cope through the challenges.
c) Anyone can help another person to raise resilience – Hunt the Good Stuff – have time everyday to “debrief” and to focus on three good things that happened during the day, what do these good things meant o you, and what can you do tomorrow to have more good things happen? It also helps to talk about ways that you or others helped to contribute to these good things as ways to identify successful strategies and celebrate them.

Tara Young, Healthy Acadia

Family Corner 5/25/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: John Greenman

Issue: Making a Difference in our Communities

Program Topic: Talking with our Kids about Tobacco, Alcohol, Drugs and other Substances

Key Discussion Points:
a) Important to start talking with kids as early as toddler-age about what’s going on in our world, environment
b) Take advantage of the teachable moment – e.g., the cigarette butt on the ground, or seeing someone who is smoking
c) Learn with your child – go on websites, read, learn and talk together

Guest: Tata Young, Community Health Program Coordinator with Healthy Acadia


Family Corner 4/27/16

Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
Engineer: Amy Browne

Issue: Information about Opiates, Heroin, Marijuana and Addiction

Program Topic: Prevention and Education about Addiction

Key Discussion Points:
a) The origin of heroin dates back hundreds of years – originally available without a prescription at any drug store
b) Increased availability and use of opiates bolstered by addition of the 5th vital sign – pain, something that hospitals and providers are routinely evaluated about still today
c) Contact your physician and talk about a prescription for a NARCAN kit if you are living with/know someone who is taking large dosages of pain medications, or is confronted with substance use disorder. This is legal in Maine.

Guest: Heath Myers, Bangor City Public Health and Community Services