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Common Health 10/18/06

Producer/host: Jim Fisher
Guests: Pam Person; Dylan Voorhees
Topic: Global Climate Change: What are the causes? What are some of the health effects?

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Common Health 09/20/06

Host: Jim Fisher
Topic: Schools and Health
What are some of the big issues for health in schools?
What initiatives do we have in Maine to promote healthier schools?
How do we meet the needs of disabled students?
Guests: David Stockford, Policy Director, Maine Dept. of ED and Susan Berry, Health Educator, Bucksport
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Common Health 08/16/06

Host: Jim Fisher

Topic: You are what you eat

Guests: Bob St. Peter, Eliot Coleman

What is good food? What land use policies will help? What is the impact of agro-industrial marketing?

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Common Health 07/19/06

Host: Jim Fisher, Hancock County Planning Commission
Topic: Fitness and Physical Activity
What is fitness? What makes a community healthy? What are some barriers to fitness?
Guests: Katherine Princell, Blue Hill Memorial Hospital; Dan Stewart, Maine Dept. of Transportation
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Common Health 06/21/06

Host: Jim Fisher
Topic: Disasters and Emergency Management
Guest: Rich Bishop, Hancock County Sheriff’s Office
What kinds of disasters do you confront?
What are some of the health issues?
What can we do to prepare our homes?

Call in show with several callers

Common Health 05/17/06

Host: Jim Fisher
Topic: Underage Drinking and Drug Use
How big is this problem?
Health implications?
What programs do we have to help?

Guests: Attorney General Steven Rowe (by phone) and Michelle O’Meara, Coastal Hancock Healthy Communities
Call in show with several callers

Common Health 04/19/06

Topic: Locally grown food Host Jim Fisher of Hancock County Planning Committee and guests Bob St. Peter of the Goodlife Center and the Independent Food Project, and Kay Wilkins of Woodlawn Community Garden take calls and address questions such as: What is a community garden? How can we start a new garden? What are the health benefits of gardening?