Baby Talk 3/27/13

Producer/Host: Cathy Jacobs
Engineer: Joel Mann

Program Topic: Home Birth, Part 2
Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
a) What does Luna Midwifery’s care look like close up? What are people signing up for? What is LM’s “expanded postpartum care”?
b). What are the demographics of home birth clients in your practice? In what ways has this changed over time and why?
c). What is the Normal Birth Task Force and what is some of the content of its consensus statement on supporting “normal physiologic childbirth”?

Guests by name and affiliation:
A). Pam Dyer Stewart, Certified Professional Midwife, Luna Midwifery in Milbridge, Maine
B). Suzanne Brown, Homebirth Community Midwife, Luna Midwifery in Milbridge, Maine