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Ask W.A.M. 4/28/10

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Ask W.A.M. 3/17/10

Producers/Hosts: Daryl DeJoy and Cherie Mason

Q: “I’ve read that a national poll shows that Maine is one of 5 states with the best anti-cruelty laws in the country.  That’s pretty encouraging, isn’t it”


Ask W.A.M. 3/10/10

Producers/Hosts: Cherie Mason and Daryl DeJoy

Q:  “Today we have a final question asking who in the Legislature is on the decision-making Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW) committee?  Who decides on it?”


Ask W.A.M. 3/03/10

Producers/Hosts: Cherie Mason and Daryl DeJoy

(Continuation of last week’s episode)

Q: “Who makes wildlife management decisions in Maine?  Who is on the Advisory Board of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife (IFW)?  Who picks its members?   What are the qualifications?  Are there any women on it?