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  • WERU News Report 5/2/12

    Issue: Alternative, independent local news
    Host: Amy Browne Producers: Jim Campbell & Amy Browne
    Segment 1: “Choose Privacy Week”, featuring a talk by Michael German, Senior Council for National Security, ACLU, former FBI. (FMI: www.privacyrevolution.org )

    Segment 2: We listen in on part of April’s meeting of the Bangor City Council, as they consider how they are going to deal with Governor LePage’s line item veto of state funding for the General Assistance program.

    Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
    Privacy is under siege in the digital age
    Since 9/11 in the US, privacy has been more and more reduced by government actions, particularly data mining
    Current initiatives in congress would erode privacy even more
    Bangor City Councilors are considering which programs they may need to cut to make up for the budget shortfall caused by LePage’s line item veto
    Area organizations making budget requests are questioned by councilors, including one that asked why younger people can’t join the senior center, and another who grilled the Bangor Public Library representatives about their decision to not ban “Occupy Bangor” activists last fall (seemingly implying that the library may be punished financially)

    Recorded talk by Michael German, Senior Council for National Security, ACLU, former FBI and audio from April’s Bangor budget meeting (several speakers)

    Call In Program: no

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