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  • WERU News Report – Special Edition 4/12/12

    Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Audio recorded by: John Greenman
    Issue: Independent, Alternative Local News

    Program Topic: As we reported on yesterday’s news, there are several pieces of new or revised legislation that seem to be getting rushed through at the end of this legislative session, without public notice or input. One of these was LD1911, a bill that would have transferred ownership of the dump in Old Town into private hands. It is still unclear exactly who was behind that legislation, but it raised serious concerns among members of the Landfill Advisory Committee, and was one of many issues that were raised at a meeting last night with DEP Commissioner Patricia Aho. WERU’s John Greenman attended the meeting, and today we have some excerpts that highlight some of the concerns raised by committee members and the public

    Key Discussion Points:
    Juniper Ridge Landfill Committee learned about LD1911 on a Friday night, late in session.
    The committee is meant to advise state officials
    Several areas of concern currently, including LD1911 (privatizing the landfill), out-of-state waste, pollution, state officials acting without consulting committee

    Guests n/a (recorded speakers from public meeting on 4/11/12)

    Call In Program: No

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