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  • Voices 11/3/09

    Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Contributing Producer: John Greenman
    Topic: Immigration Realities

    PICA (Peace through Interamerican Community Action), a grassroots organization based in Bangor, has uses personal experiences to build bonds that tie together local, regional and global issues. Since 1991, PICA has had a sister city relationship with Carasque, a small town deep in the mountains of Chalatenango Province, El Salvador.

    Over the years the Bangor-Carasque sistering relationship has grown into a tight bond of mutual support and friendship. These people- to-people connections anchor PICA’s work of taking local action for global justice.

    PICA’s kNOw US AND THEM program is connecting the issues of fair trade and immigration, and building alliances for action among those affected – immigrants, displaced workers, and community members. As part of kNOw US AND THEM, a delegation from Bangor visited Carasque, El Salvador in November 2008 to learn about how emigration and free trade are affecting that community.

    In this program called “Immigration Realities,” you will hear the voices of Carasqueños, joined by those of a few former Carasque residents now living in the United States.

    For more information about PICA or the kNOw US AND THEM program, contact PICA at 947-4203, info@pica.ws, or visit PICA’s Web site at www.pica.ws.

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