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  • Weekend Voices 11/10/07

    A special Listener Soapbox edition of Weekend Voices, with the callers determining the topics to be discussed, hosted by Matt Murphy and Amy Browne

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    Published on November 10, 2007 · Filed under: Voices & Weekend Voices;

2 Responses to “Weekend Voices 11/10/07”

  1. Correction.
    (I stumbled on my words)
    Please look at Mr Paul’s American Freedom Agenda Act

    This legislation will…

    –Repeal the “Military Commissions Act of 2007” and thereby restore the ancient right of habeas corpus and end legally sanctioned torture by U.S. government agents

    –Restore the ”Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act” (FISA) and thereby outlaw warrantless spying on American citizens by the President of the United States

    –Give Congress standing in court to challenge the President’s use of “signing statements” as a means to avoid executing the nation’s laws

    –Make it illegal for government agents to kidnap people and send them abroad to be tortured by foreign governments

    –Provide legal protection to journalists who expose wrong-doing by the Federal government

    –Prohibit the use of secret evidence to label groups or individuals as terrorists for the purpose of criminal or civil sanctions

  2. […] alike. My mother has called. My brother too. He read a nice Rothbard piece at the end of, i think, this show […]

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