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  • Talk of the Towns 9/9/16

    Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

    Program Topic: Understanding Dementia and Supporting those affected

    Key Discussion Points:
    What are the range of conditions called dementia, and how do they show up? Where does Alzheimer’s Disease fit into this range?
    How should we (family members, friends) remember when relating to or helping someone with dementia? What are typical problems in communication and “work-arounds?”
    What are the array of services and supports to individuals and families coping with dementia… what is available for helping someone remain in their own homes? What are the array of services and programs in nursing, assisted living and adult day services?
    Who are care-givers… what is the range of who provides such support to someone with dementia? What support do care-givers most need?
    Where are the trends in understanding dementia (research) and treatment?
    Where can listeners learn more, on their own, and about services for individuals with dementia?

    Becky Siebert, Island Nursing Home
    Judy Mathewson, Island Nursing Home’
    Anne Ossana, Director of Adult Day Service Programs, Friendship Cottage
    The Rev. Mary Carol Griffin, Chaplain of Hancock County Homecare & Hospice

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