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  • Talk of the Towns 12/11/15

    Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

    Program Topic: Affordable Housing at the Heart of a Community

    Key Discussion Points:
    1. What do we know, generally, about the issue of housing affordability on the coast of Maine and, by example, on Mount Desert Island?
    2. What factors gave rise to Island Housing Trust, and its early work?
    3. What successes have you seen with your early strategies?
    4. How did you come to devise other strategies for addressing workforce housing issues?
    5. How do you maintain “affordability” after the initial owners?
    6. What is the nature of the relationship between participants/owners and IHT? How do you work with them?
    7. What has been community response to the work of IHT?
    8. How are you supported?… talk about the case you make to donors?.
    9. What new strategies/programs are you pursuing?
    10. What have you learned about the issue and its solutions over the years?
    for Kendra
    What was your situation as you sought housing on Mount Desert Island?
    How did you learn about IHT, and what was your initial connection?
    Describe the process of securing a home in Sabah Woods?
    What has finding a home that you can afford meant to you and your family?
    for Hannah
    Life after your service in the Legislature, Nebo Lodge, family
    Thumbnail profile of North Haven, overall need for housing that is affordabl
    Current work to create an “elder care” home at the yellow house on Southern Harbor
    What have you learned about the issue and how housing fits into a community that sustains itself?
    Wrap up Question—summarize the role of adequate, affordable workforce housing as part of a community that sustains itself over time…

    Christopher Spruce, Executive Director, Island Housing Trust
    Ted Koffman, Board member, Island Housing Trust
    Alison Bean, IHT staff member
    Kendra Rudolph (purchased home with IHT support)
    Hannah Pingree, North Haven Sustainable Housing (by phone)

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