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  • Talk of the Towns 10/24/14

    Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

    Program Topic: Cleaner Elections in Maine

    Key Discussion Points:

    What is the current picture of what it takes to run for legislative and state-wide offices in Maine?
    What led to Maine’s original Clean Election Law? What has been the track record?
    What rulings by the US Supreme Court affected Maine’s Law?
    What has happened since the Citizens United ruling… what trends have we seen nationally and here in Maine? (PACs and other players)
    If sections of Maine’s Clean Election Law have been put in question by decisions by the Supreme Court, what is the possible fix? What is Maine Citizens for Clean Elections proposing?
    What do you hope Maine’s election scene look like if this change is put in place?
    These changes seem good and beneficial… who might be opposed to an updated clean elections laws in Maine? Not all candidates will choose the clean election option… under what circumstances might that be the case?
    What are the steps in making these changes… what’s on the ballot in November, and assuming you are successful, what would happen after that?
    How would citizens learn more or get involved?


    Ann Luther, Maine League of Women Voters (in studio)
    Senator Edward Youngblood, Brewer
    Jamie McGowan, Professor, College of the Atlantic
    Andrew Bossie, Executive Director, Maine Citizens for Clean Elections

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