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  • Talk of the Towns 9/27/13

    Producer/Host: Ron Beard
    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Program Topic: Schoodic Community Fund – Investments in the Future

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) Describe the assets and the challenges of the Schoodic Peninsula… (history, economy, natural resources, people, organizations, etc)
    b)Other examples of community members working to solve problems, take advantage of opportunities?
    c)What is the Schoodic Community Fund? What gave rise to the Schoodic Community Fund? What inspired you, who helped translate the underlying concept into reality?
    d)Review your most recent round of grants and rationale for those investments How do the mechanics of the fund work… how do you raise money, application process, criteria for funding decisions?
    Examples of success/progress from past grants?
    What were the early reactions to creation of the fund, how have they changed?
    What have you learned so far?
    e)Phone interview with Micheal Eastman
    Describe the history of the Peninsula School, present opportunities and challenges
    What difference has the Schoodic Community Fund made in the life of students and faculty at the Peninsula School?
    f)Phone interview with Hope Buckner
    What is the focus of the Winter Harbor Library and its programs? How has the Schoodic Community Fund benefitted the library? Why do you donate to the Schoodic Community Fund?
    g) Advice for other communities interested in the concept; contact info for Schoodic Community Fund

    A) Roger Bowen, Chair, Schoodic Community Fund
    B)Dick Gilchrist, Vice Chair, Schoodic Community Fund
    C)Hope Buckner, board member Winter Harbor Library
    D)Micheal Eastman, Principal, Peninsula School

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