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  • Talk of the Towns 8/10/12

    Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Engineer: Amy Browne
    Issue: Community concerns and opportunities
    Program Topic: Sustainable Harvest International—agroforestry education with small farmers in central America
    Key Discussion Points (list at least 3):
    a) Remind us of the mission of Sustainable Harvest International and where your work is focused
    b)What led you to found Sustainable Harvest International?
    c)What is the current “context” for your work in Central America… what is the economic, political, social and environmental backdrop?
    d)How did you evolve the way that you work with local farmers and communities? (five phase approach) Share some stories that illustrate your way of working… (field trainers, families… tree planting and family-scale agriculture… community building)
    e)You recently completed a tour of some of your partnerships in Panama and Honduras… what was your experience… paint some pictures for listeners
    f)You are celebrating 15 years… what has that journey been like? What were some of the valleys and plateaus as you look back?
    g)How has support for this work evolved?… your budget is $1.5 million… where does it come from, where does it go? What role does your board play in generating support?
    h)SHI and you have been recognized for your work (2012 Sargent Shriver Award for Distinguished Humanitarian Service by the National Peace Corps Association, and you were named a Woodrow Wilson Visiting Fellow by the Council of Independent Colleges, in Washington, also high marks from Charity Navigators)… first, congratulations on this recognition, and how is this helping you tell the story, make the case for support, open new doors?
    i)SHI has a full evening celebration of its first 15 years… Bill McKibben and Emma’s Revolution at College of the Atlantic on Sunday, August 19… tell us more about that and how listeners can get tickets… any preview of what Bill McKibben will be sharing?
    j) What is the seed that you want to plant with listeners today, about their connection to farmers in rural central America, indeed with local farmers around the world?
    k)What are your hopes for the next fifteen years… any particular initiatives you are considering? How can listeners learn more?

    A) Florence Reed, Sustainable Harvest International
    B) Jack Russell, MDI, Board Member
    C) Demetrio, Farmer, Panama (on phone, Flo translating from Spanish)
    D) Sarah Clemens, Sustainable Harvest International

    Call In Program: Yes

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