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  • Talk of the Towns 5/25/12

    Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Engineer: Amy Browne
    Issue: Community and local theater

    Program Topic: Raise the curtain—Local Theater in Three Coastal Towns

    Key Discussion Points:
    1. Each guest provides brief background on themselves and their organization…
    2. What experience drew you to theater and how did you come to coastal Maine?
    3. Each guest invited to give a more detailed description of their company/ organization?
    4. Your mission and vision… examples of how that mission comes alive…
    5. What does it take to draw the best from your actors and crew? What do they gain from learning the craft and performing?
    6. What do you hope your audiences gain (what is common for most productions, and what varies, depending on what is being performed?)
    7. What does it take to operate a non-profit theater / theater company? What are the challenges and rewards?
    8. What ways can community members participate in your company?
    9. What does the wider community gain from having live, locally produced theater in its midst?
    10. What do you draw, by way of inspiration, from the human community and the landscape of Coastal Maine, in which you practice your art?
    11. Each guest invited to describe the upcoming season, especially summer offerings and contact information for each company / theater

    A) Alicia Hynes & Daniel Mahler, Harborside Shakespeare Company, Bar Harbor
    B) Bill Raiten, New Surry Theatre, Blue Hill
    C) Judith Jerome, Opera House Arts, Stonington

    Call In Program: Yes

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