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  • Talk of the Towns 05/26/06

    Topic: Maine Legislative Review 2006
    What is the work of citizenship in following complex public issues
    before the Legislature?
    What were some of the highlights and disappointments of this past
    legislative session?
    What was some of the background to legislation under consideration,
    including expanded internet access for rural residents, protection of
    wetlands and vernal pools, incineration of demolition and construction
    waste, restrictions in licenses for elver fishing, maintenance of roads
    and bridges, reimbursements to hospitals for Medicare related expenses
    and assurances that Maine people don’t loose benefits due to the
    Medicare Part D federal legislation on pharmeceuticals.
    Guests: Senator Dennis Damon (D), Trenton Senator Richard Rosen, (R) Bucksport
    Representative Hannah Pingree, (D) North HavenRepresentative Ted Koffman (D) Bar Harbor
    Hosts: Ron Beard Jill Goldthwait

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    Published on May 26, 2006 · Filed under: Talk of the Towns;
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