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  • Host: Ron Beard, Emeritus Professor, University of Maine
    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Community concerns and opportunities

    Program Topic: A Climate to Thrive seeks energy independence for Mount Desert Island

    Key Discussion Points:

    1. A climate to thrive is working on “energy independence” by 2030… what does that mean? What is most compelling about solar energy in the pursuit of energy independence?
    2. What are the main elements of your solar work, including Solarize MDI?
    3. What is the Community Energy Center at College of the Atlantic, and what projects does it carry out?
    4. What are some of the barriers facing community solar initiatives? How are you working to surmount those barriers? A Recent Maine PUC Ruling is negative long-term but provides an incentive for installing solar in 2017.
    5. What advice do you have for listeners in other communities?
    6. Given your longer term vision of energy independence, what are your mid-term hopes… what would you like to see happening over the next five years.

    Joe Blotnick, Coordinator, A Climate to Thrive
    Gary Friedmann, Chair, A Climate to Thrive Advisory Board, Town Councilor, Bar Harbor
    Anna Demeo, College of the Atlantic, Director of Energy Education and Management

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  • Producer/Host: Steve Kahl
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Renewable energy

    Program Topic: Solar, wind, inverters, and energy storage

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) solar bill pending in legislature
    b) residential wind power
    c) storage of renewable energy

    Guests by name and affiliation:
    Hans Albee, Revision Energy
    Chip Means, Pika Energy

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  • Producer/Host: C.J. Walke
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Organic Food and Farming in Maine

    Program Topic: Solar Energy on Maine Farms

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) History of renewable energy production on farms
    b) Production of solar energy
    c) Cultural considerations

    Bill Behrens, ReVision Energy, Liberty, ME
    Anna Demeo, College of the Atlantic, Bar Harbor, ME
    Steven Katona, MDI Clean Energy Partners, Bar Harbor, ME

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    As the state legislative session is coming to a close, today we take a look at the status of some of the legislation we’ve been reporting on – and that the Natural Resources Council of Maine has been tracking—with NRCM’s Senior Director of Advocacy, Pete Didisheim. FMI: www.nrcm.org

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    The state legislature’s Joint Standing Committee on Energy & Utilities held a public hearing on Tuesday on LD1652, “An Act to Support Solar Energy Development in Maine”
    This bill has been chosen as a priority bill by Maine’s Environmental Priorities Coalition, a partnership of 28 environmental, conservation, and public health organizations, representing over 100,000 members, according to the Natural Resources Council of Maine. They say that if passed, this legislation will make solar power “more accessible and affordable for Maine people”. Today on the News Report we’re bringing you some of the testimony from the public hearing

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  • Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

    Solar panels from Unity College to the White House

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  • Producer/Host: Dave Evans

    Studio Engineer: Matt Murphy

    Topic: Making PV panels

    What parts go into a Photovoltaic (PV) Panel?  What are the major steps in assembling a PV panel?  What other parts and costs are involved in using electricity from a PV panel?

    Guest: Soni Biehl, doing business as Sunrise County Solar, www.sunrisecountysolar.com

    Call in show

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  • Producer/Host: Dave Evans

    Topic: Get your house off oil

    This show contains more information than planned about oil burners in esponse to listener’s questions about how to reduce their oil heating bills.  Pat Coon has learned lots about oil burners while adding solar
    and wood heating equipment to existing oil-burner installations

    How can I reduce oil use for heat and hot water? Do on-demand water heaters help? Can solar water heaters help with space heating?

    Guest: Pat Coon, co-owner RE Vision Energy

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