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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    31 Maine Legislators have signed onto a letter to the US Army Corps of Engineers, requesting a Comprehensive Environmental Impact Statement or “at the very least a Supplemental Environmental Assessment” for the controversial Searsport Harbor dredging project. If completed, the project would allow access for larger ships. It would also result in the need to dispose of what has been estimated to be close to 1 million cubic yards of sediment – sediment from an area that has seen more than 100 years of chemical companies, industrial spills and questionable disposal of waste along the shoreline. The dredged material would then be dumped elsewhere in Penobscot Bay, possibly in a dump site between Belfast and Islesboro. This has raised serious concerns about the potential impacts on the environment and the fisheries in the area.

    State legislators and representatives from the Maine Chapter of the Sierra Club and Islesboro Island Trust held a press conference at the Belfast Boathouse this morning, to explain their concerns. (Coverage of the press conference, and interviews with Marietta Ramsdell of “Friends of Sears Island”, and Ron Huber of “Friends of Penobscot Bay”

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Today we’re following up on a news story unfolding on the coast in Searsport. Chemical companies have been located on the coast there, at Mack Point, and Kidder Point- near Sears Island –for more than 100 years. A group called Friends of Penobscot Bay has recently obtained records revealing a history of chemical spills, and raising serious questions about the disposal of highly dangerous by-products, possibly in layers up to 14 feet deep, on the shoreline. State and Federal agencies are starting to get involved in the investigation. Plans to dredge the harbor at Mack Point have hit a snag as area lobstermen voice their concerns about what might be stirred up and released into Penobscot Bay.
    We spoke with Ron Huber, director of Friends of Penobscot Bay, earlier today, to get an update on the situation, including what they are finding as they sift through the old DEP records they uncovered

    FMI: penobscotbay.blogspot.com/

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Production assistance: John Greenman, Carolyn Coe, Matt Murphy

    Segment 1: Maine’s Aging Population – state and federal policies – press conference in Bangor organized by Food&Medicine, featuring several local speakers.
    Segment 2: An alternative to the official story about what happened in Syria, raised by Lawrence Reichard at a speak out in Bangor last week.
    Segment 3: Toxic “layer cake” at Kidder and Mack Points in Searsport? Interview with Ron Huber, Friends of Penobscot Bay

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Join us today on a chemical mystery tour of the area surrounding Sears Island. This afternoon we joined Ron Huber and Harlan McLaughlin of “Friends of Penobscot Bay”, as they led a hike along the shoreline, pointing out significant areas of concern. On the site of the GAC chemical company, there are old buildings and storage facilities that are crumbling on site, leftover from previous owners

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  • Host: John Zavodny
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Program Topic: Searsport Maine LPG Tank

    Key Discussion Points:
    1 Why was the LPG tank permit denied by the Searsport Planning Board?
    2 What is next for members of Thanks But No Tank?
    3 What are some lessons to be learned from TBNT success?

    a Astrig Tanguay has owned and managed Searsport Shores Ocean Campground for twenty years. Astrig is a founding member of Thanks But No Tank, Astrig has been a vocal opponent of the DCP project. Astrig has served on the Maine Tourism Commission, the Maine Arts Commission, Maine Campground Owners Association, Penobscot Bay Steward BOD and is a founding member of both Friends of Penobscot Bay and Fiber College of Maine.
    b Ken Agabian started working as the Thanks but No Tank coordinator in July 2012. Since then Ken has travelled the mid coast talking about the tank in Searsport and has communicated weekly the status of the project and what folks could do. Formerly, Ken worked with nonprofits in the arts and publishing worlds and is a graduate of Clark University, Worcester, Mass. where he was a student intern at the Environmental Protection Agency.

    For More Information:

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    The town of Searsport held the final in the series of public hearings on the proposed LPG tank there last night. People have been waiting to have a chance to comment– some since last year when the planning board stopped allowing comments during their regular meetings when DCP, the company that wants to build the tank, complained. So when the planning board voted to close the hearings last night while some of them were still in line waiting to speak, there was an uproar. Here today, is some of the testimony from last night.

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Public hearings on the LPG tank in Searsport resumed last week, for what was meant to be the final week of hearings. Kim Tucker, one of the attorneys representing tank opponents, presented the planning board with documents–obtained from the town of Searsport thru a freedom of access request–that reveal how closely Searsport town officials have been working with DCP, the company that wants to build the tank.

    The question of whether the facility is really intended for exports, rather than imports of propane, was raised again at the public hearings as well, and there was a short public comment period.

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    While promoters of the LPG tank facility in Searsport have frequently presented themselves as being “pro-jobs”, some of them have actually engaged in organizing a boycott against Searsport businesses – details on that, as well as presentation of an independent, pro-bono assessment by Abbie McMillen, based on her years of business experience in the energy consulting field and serving on planning boards.

    Peacetime segment: Bob Shaw of Waldo County chapter of 350.org , with information about the upcoming rally in opposition to tarsands, that will be held in Portland.

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