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  • Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco
    Issue: Environmental and Social Justice

    Program Topic: Penobscot River Restoration Project, with John Banks of the Penobscot Nation: Great Works at Old Town going down.

    Key Discussion Points:

    a) On Monday, work began to remove the Great Works dam on the Penobscot River in Old Town. It is the first step in re-opening 1000 miles of the river to sea run fish, including alewives, herring, sturgeon and Atlantic salmon. In 2013, the Veazie Dam is scheduled to be removed. The Milford and Howland dams will install new fish lifts and by passes.

    b) The Penobscot River Restoration Project has been called one of the largest fishing restoration projects in the history of the country, and now serves as a global model for cooperative conservation efforts. The project includes conservation groups, utilities, government entities, including the Penobscot Indian Nation.

    c)The Penobscot Nation, which has been on the ground floor of this project, has offered instrumental perspective and leadership on the project, based on their unique relationship with the Penobscot River


    A) John Banks, tribal member, Director of the Department of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Nation, founder and member of the Penobscot River Restoration Project www.penobscotriver.org/

    Call In Program: no

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Issue: Independent local news
    Program Topics: Great Works Dam Removal and Searsport Planning Board Reviews LPG Plans

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) Monday’s historic kick off of the removal of a 200 year old dam on the Penobscot River.
    b) Impacts on the Penobscot Tribe
    c) The discussions between the Searsport Town Planning Board and representatives from DCP Midstream, re: the proposed LPG tank

    Guests: n/a

    Recorded audio: Penobscot Chief Kirk Francis; Searsport Planning Board officials, DCP representatives

    Call In Program: No

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  • Producer/Host: Donna Loring
    Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

    Topic: Penobscot Nation Police Department

    What does the Police Department do? How does it operate? What are some of the new projects?

    Guest: Bob Bryant, Police Chief

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  • Producer/Host: Meaghan LaSala
    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Topics: First, a brief interview with Charlene Francis about the Penobscot Nation’s hosting of the Mother Earth Water Walk that will pass through the Bangor area on Sunday 5/8 on its way from Machias to Bad River, Wisconsin. Then, a conversation about the recent contract agreement between Eastern Maine Medical Center and unionized nurses.

    Charlene Francis, of the Penobscot Nation organizing events for the Mother Earth Water Walk.
    Coralee Giles, President of the Maine State Nurses Association
    Jessie Mellott, Eastern Maine Medical Center nurse, Med/Surg floor
    Jack McKay, Director of Food and Medicine, Worker Rights Board of Eastern Maine

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  • Producer/Host: Donna Loring

    Guest cohost: Maria Girouard, Director, Penobscot Cultural and Historic Preservation Department

    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    Topic: Native America Veterans

    What is the historical context of native involvement in American wars?  How was Penobscot alliance with France established?  (Family bloodlines with French nobility)  How was Public Law, Chapter 51, LD30, “An Act to Establish Native American Veterans’ Day” introduced and passed?

    Guest: James E. Francis, Tribal Historian, www.penobscotculture.org

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  • Producer/Host:  Donna Loring

    Studio Engineer: Joel Mann

    Topic:  The Penobscot Cultural Website (www.penobscotculture.com)

    What resources can be found on the website for educators?  What other valuable information can be found on the website?  And what were the reasons for creating the site (for educators, for tribal citizens and for the general public)?


    James Francis, Tribal Historian, www.penobscotculture.com

    Maria Girouard, Director, Penobscot Cultural Department

    Call in show

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  • Producer/Host: Donna Loring

    Guest Cohosts: Maria Girouard and James Francis

    Guest: Chief Kirk Francis, Penobscot Nation

    Topics:  Perceptions and realities of tribal economics and conditions.   Current tribal economic development efforts.  History of tribal-state relations.

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  • Producer/Host: Donna Loring

    Topic: The Christian Doctrine of Discovery

    What is the doctrine of discovery?  How does it effect Indians today?  What can be done to combat the doctrine?


    Maria Girouard, Director, Penobscot Nation Cultural & Historic Preservation, maria.girouard@penobscotnation.org

    Gale Corey-Toensing, Indian Country Today

    Resources for learning about the Christian Doctrine of Discovery:

    George E. Tinker (Osage/Cherokee), Missionary Conquest: The Gospel and Native American Cultural Genocide, Augsburg Press, Minneapolis, 1993.

    George E. Tinker (Osage/Cherokee),  American Indian Liberation: A Theology of Sovereignty, Orbis Books, Maryknoll, NY, 2008.

    Newcomb, Steven T. (Shawnee/Lenape), Pagans in the Promised Land: Decoding the Doctrine of Christian Discovery, Fulcrum, Golden, CO, 2008.

    Miller, Robert J. (Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma), Native America, Discovered and Conquered: Thomas Jefferson, Lewis and Clark, and Manifest Destiny, Praeger, Westport, CT, 2006.

    United Nations General Assembly “The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples”, 2007, Available for download from UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues, UNPFII, click EN for English language version; also find background information on this website.

    Deloria, Vine, Jr (Lakota), God is Red: A Native View of Religion, Fulcrum, Golden, CO, 1973.

    Awkwesasne Notes, Mohawk Nation (with Chief Oren Lyons, John Mohawk, Jose Barreiro), “Basic Call to Consciousness”, 2005, Book Publishing, Summertown, TN

    Aperture, Michael E. Hoffman, Executive Director, “Strong Hearts: Native American Visions and Voices, Aperture, NY, 1995.

    Williams, Robert A 1955, Like a Loaded Weapon:

    The Rehnquist Court, Indian Rights and the Legal History of Racism in America

    Copyright 2005 by the Regents of the University of Minnesota


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