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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Contributor: Carolyn Coe

    Segment 1: The Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing this afternoon on LD 1046
    “An Act To Amend the Application of the Maine Human Rights Act Regarding Public Accommodations”, sponsored by Representative Kenneth Fredette. The group “EqualityMaine” is among those opposing the proposed legislation. They say it chips away protections under the Maine Human Rights Act. Here is some of the testimony heard by the committee this afternoon.

    Segment 2: AntiWar rallies were held in New York & San Francisco– as well as here in Bangor, Maine on Saturday. The rallies in New York and San Francisco were organized by the United National Antiwar Committee, and endorsed by hundreds of other peace and human rights groups, and were held in conjunction with demostrations being held in the middle east, also calling for peace. One of the speakers in New York was (Ret.) Colonel Ann Wright — a peace activist, the subject of one of Robert Shetterly’s “Americans Who Tell the Truth” portraits, and participant in the Gaza Freedom Flotilla that was tragically raided by the Israeli military last year, resulting in several deaths. WERU’s Carolyn Coe recorded her speech, and spoke with her later, during the march.

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  • Producer/Host: Amy Browne

    Segment 1: Listen in on a Work Session on a Constitutional Amendment to Allow Run-off Elections for Governor in Maine

    The state of Maine has not had a governor who was elected by a majority of voters since 2002. Governor LePage, like Governor Baldacci before him, won the election with the support of less than 50% of voters. Senator Tom Saviello, a republican from Wilton, is sponsoring an amendment to the state constitution to address that problem by requiring run-off elections between the top 2 candidates, when none receives more than 50% of the vote. The Joint Standing Committee on State and Local Government held a work session on the bill this afternoon. Senator Douglas Thomas, a Republican from Somerset County , Chairs the committee.

    Segment 2: An update on Federal Legislation Cutting Funds for Community Radio with WERU General Manager Matt Murphy

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  • Executive Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Contributing Producers: Andree Bella, Meaghan LaSala

    Segment 1: Amy Browne interviews John Christie and Naomi Schalit, Senior Reporters for the Maine Center for Public Interest Reporting, about their recent series of articles on Maine’s new Speaker of the House, Robert Nutting, and his history of overbilling MaineCare and then declaring his drug store bankrupt. What are the details of the Representative Nutting’s over-billing of MaineCare (ie Medicaid)? Was the money ever paid back? How do his fellow legislators feel that history reflects on him as a legislator? FMI: www.pinetreewatchdog.org

    Segment 2: Andree Bella talks with Jennifer Hill of the “Belfast Area Transition Initiative”. What is the initiative? How can people get involved and/or start a similar project in their own community? FMI: rooted@fairpoint.net, 207-722-3383

    Segment 3: Meaghan LaSala reports on the nurse’s strike at Eastern Maine Medical Center. Sounds from the November 22nd nurse’s strike at EMMC, and a follow up interview with Judy Brown, President of the Nurses Union. What are the main issues that caused the nurses to strike? What were the nurses hoping the strike will accomplish? What is EMMC’s position on the contract language? Are staffing ratios a broader, national problem?

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  • Producer/Host: Rhonda Frey

    Topic: “In The Shadow of the Eagle- A Tribal Representative in Maine” (2008, Tilbury House)– a discussion with the author, Donna Loring, Penobscot Representative to the Maine State Legislature.

    What is the election process of the Penobscot Tribe?  What legislative bills did you work on?  With regard to the “Offensive Names Bill”,  what difficulties did you face in the state, with the media and public?

    Donna Loring also has a blog called “Native Voice” which can be found on the Bangor Daily News website, www.bangornews.com

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  • Producer/Host: Ron Beard, University of Maine Cooperative Extension

    Topic: Looking back, looking ahead:  Maine Towns and the Legislature

    We live in towns and cities; we also live in the state of Maine.  Each jurisdiction creates policies that, depending on your point of view, help us or hinder us as we make our homes, our livings, and our lives.   In this program, we ask state legislators to comment on the 2008 session and policies that have clear connection to municipal government, to help us understand the sometimes fuzzy boundary between your town and your state.

    Guests: Representative Chris Rector, Thomaston, Senator Christine Savage, Union, Representative Ted Koffman, Bar Harbor

    Call in show

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