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  • WERU SoapBox 12/19/08

    Host: Matt Murphy

    Studio Engineer: Amy Browne

    An open-mic style call in show

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    Published on December 19, 2008 · Filed under: SoapBox;
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One Response to “WERU SoapBox 12/19/08”

  1. Like many listeners it’s not practical/possible to call in during your show as I’m working. So it’s hard to respond to something you know is wrong. This is some comments on the digital TV comments on last weeks show.
    Yes it would be better to have people stop watching TV, but short of a total system breakdown it’s not going to happen, certainly digital TV conversion isn’t going to make it happen.
    There is some confusing info out there cause in part by people selling TV’s. But repeated government TV ads state that you do not need a new TV. The converter box will work fine. The caller who went on a rant about the poor and elderly with rabbit ears would be left out in the cold. This not true! Your basic rabbit ears, even those that use to come with your TV set, if they worked before they most likely will work after the conversion. There is some confusion between now and Feb. 17th. In the Bangor market which I’m familiar with, digital TV will be as follows; PBS digital has stayed on VHF (2-13), channel 5 digital is on UHF (14-83). 2 & 7 digital are on UHF, but after the 17th will be on VHF as it has more range that UHF. So for some digital 2 &7 won’t come in ’til the 17th. The people who will have a problem are those who have an exterior antenna that is only VHF. Most are not, but in areas where there was no UHF channels some installers and owners installed a VHF only antenna to save a few bucks. In the Bangor market that would mean that you wouldn’t be able to get channel 5.
    To see what you can get go to www.antenna.org and put in your zip code.

    North Haven

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