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  • Renewable Radio 8/01/08 (recorded at Full Circle Fair 7/27/08)

    Producer/Host: Dave Evans

    Topic: Sunspaces as supplementary heat sources

    Can a sunspace reduce heating bills?  What makes an efficient sunspace design?  Are there particular construction details that are important for sunspaces?

    Guest:  Bruce Stahnke,  Architect, Stahnke & Kitagawa Architects

    Recorded with a live audience and audience participation at the 2008 Full Circle Fair, 7/27/08,  in Blue Hill, Maine

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    Published on August 1, 2008 · Filed under: Renewable Radio; Tagged as: ,
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One Response to “Renewable Radio 8/01/08 (recorded at Full Circle Fair 7/27/08)”

  1. May I pose a question for Dave Evans, or anybody else?

    I think that wind turbines have some form of mechanical or electronic governor to slow the blade rotation rate in high winds. Could an automatic transmission type of gearing be used to change the generator shaft rotation rate relative to the wind speed-caused blade rotation rate?

    The result would be slower blade rotation while generating more electricity, and less loss of energy to friction from a braking type of governor.

    Thank you for considering this question.

    Sandy Cohen

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