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  • Baby Talk – 05/19/05

    Description: Signing with Babies with host Cathy Jacobs. Babies can learn sign language before they can talk! Signing with babies lessens the frustration for both parents and babies. Plus it’s fun!

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  • Topic: The Current Situation for Women in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Yanar Mohammed is president and co-founder of the Organization of Women’s Freedom in Iraq. She is an Iraqi citizen who returned to Baghdad soon after the latest war broke-out and has been working for women’s rights there.

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  • Topic: The Current Situation for Women in Afghanistan and Iraq

    Sonali Kolhatkar is co-director of the Afghan Women’s Mission, a U.S. based organization that supports healthcare and educational projects in Afghanistan.

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  • RadioActive – 05/12/05

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  • Notes From The Electronic Cottage 05/12/05 by Jim Campbell

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  • Alternative Currents – 05/06/05

    Description: Stephanie Kaza: Stephanie has given us a beautiful collection of Buddhist essays on consumerism in her newly released book from Shambhala, HOOKED! (Buddhist Writings on Greed, Desire and the Urge to Consume). Authors such as Thubten Chodron, Judith Simmer-Brown and Kaza herself, along with many others, speak to untangling the greed that dominates our culture and keeps us from experiencing more authentic lives. Uplifting. More Info

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  • AIDS Radio Service – 04/28/05

    Description: Hosted by Carolyn Horn. YOUTH: AIDS, HIV AND OTHER STDS
    A frank and open discussion about Sexually Transmitted Diseases and how our youth might be putting themselves at risk, what can they do to minimize that risk and how the adults in their lives can help teens navigate more safely through their burgeoning sexuality. Guests: Phil Hansen, a volunteer advisor for Coastal Outright, a GLBTQ youth group, two youth members, Adam and Cassie, and David McDermitt and Dave Cross of Maine Youth Voices (207-626-3615).

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  • RadioActive – 04/28/05

    For more information visit the RadioActive News website

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