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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell
    Topic: Congress is considering creating a database of all of the grants and contracts awarded by the federal government so that taxpayers can see what their taxes are paying for. Oh wait–no contracts because corporations objected? Okay, well, at least a database of grants-well, some grants. In that spirit, we look at a few recent examples of how taxpayer dollars are being spent, including a grant to figure out how to restrict taxpayer access to government information. Consistency-what consistency?

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  • Producer: Amy Browne
    Topic: Magnus Johnstone interviews Dr. William Gallagher an expert on Bangor Maine artist Waldo Peirce

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  • Hosts: Alan Sprague and Mike Joyce
    Guests: Capt. Giffy Full, Howard Whitten
    Topics: What to do in lightening; the world’s longest canoe and handicapped boating;
    Have you ever seen St. Elmo’s Fire? Are kayaks the best boats?

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  • Host: Dave Evans

    Comments Off on Renewable Radio 07/07/06
  • Producers/Hosts: Amy Browne and Meredith DeFrancesco

    Topic: A tour of the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands in Orland Maine, with Cheri Domina Administrative Director of the Great Pond Mtn. Conservation Trust; Joe Fisher, WERU volunteer and organic farmer; and Amy Browne of WERU

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  • Host: Jane Haskell, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Topic: Reducing taxpayer burden

    Guest: Shawn Savage, Internal Revenue Service, Senior Stakeholder Liaison

    Augusta, Maine

    How can business owners get information from the IRS?

    What information is available on the website?

    Does the IRS have information for small business and new business owners?

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  • Producer and host: Jim Campbell

    Topic: If you’re a Harry Potter fan, you’ve undoubtedly heard of the Sorting Hat. Now there is a Sorting Door project, only this one doesn’t tell you which house at Hogwart’s you should join. Instead, it speculates on how our lives will change when RFID chips are everywhere, and the information they provide can be joined together in huge databases. And just to show that technology ain’t all bad, we also look at electronic book readers, which are getting better than you think.

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  • Producer: Amy Browne
    Topics: Carolyn Coe with the U.S.-Cuba Friendshipment at the Maine/Canada border
    Denis Howard with a WERU Full Circle Fair update
    How is the U.S. preventing Cuba from receiving needed medical supplies?
    What are concerned people in the U.S. and Canada doing about the situation?
    What is the line up of performers at this year’s Full Circle Fair?

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