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  • Producers/hosts: Daryl DeJoy and Cherie Mason

    Programs 1 thru 5 of this new short feature that starting airing on WERU in November 2006

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  • Producer/host: Dave Evans

    Topic: Soil as a renewable resource: What is in soil that plants need to grow? How do I prepare forest soil for fruit trees? Are organic fungicides better for fruit trees than conventional fungicides?

    Guest: Mark Fulford, Teltane Farm and Nursery

    Call in show

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  • Producer/host: Dr. Tim Hagney

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  • Producers/hosts: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne

    Topic: An interview with Bonnie Preston, an area resident who recently returned from Venezuela, about the social and economic conditions she observed in that country.

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  • Doing Business 2/1/07

    Producer/host: Jane E Haskell, University of Maine Cooperative Extension
    Topic: Labeling Your Food Product

    · What specific information is given on your products’ labels?
    · Are there rules for guiding what needs to go on the label of a food product?
    · Are there new labeling requirements, in say, the last five years? What is the difference between a listing of ingredients and nutrition information?
    · Why do you (and others) feel that some manufacturers include nutrition information even when it is not required?
    · Can you give us a primer or the basics of how ingredients are listed on a label?
    · Is there such a thing as allergen labeling?
    · How can a product make a claim that it is a high or good source of antioxidants?
    · what is on your label to inspire the consumer to purchase your product, rather than someone else’s?
    · What is your understanding of the bar coding requirements? What do bar codes do? Who requires bar coding? If it is not required for you to bar code your product, why would you? Where would you get information about bar coding?
    · where would listeners get information about nutrition labeling?
    · Do your labels say where your product is produced – specifically – Maine?
    · Do you use the Maine Made promotion? where do you get this information?
    · What should someone consider if they are trying to effectively promote their business with their label to speak to the uniqueness and benefits of their product? How would they get the most mileage?
    · Do you need to be licensed by the town, state or federal government to manufacture the food that you sell?
    · How did you get information on where to get this information?
    · Where do you get your labels made? Is this how your label started out when your business was new? How have your labels changed over the years as your business has grown?

    Debra Doane, Co-Owner, Maple Knoll Specialties, 138 Blacks Woods RD, Franklin ME 04634; 207-565-2061; relsa@adelphia.net
    Craig Gladstone, Co-owner, Maine Munchies/Gladstone’s Under the Sun PO Box 970, Bar Harabor ME 04609; 207-669-6046 or 866-480-0000 (toll free)
    gladstones@mainemunchies.com; www.mainemunchies.com
    C. Joyce Kleffner, Extension Educator, UMCE, Hancock County Office, 63 Boggy Brook RD, Ellsworth, ME 04605; 1-800-287-1479 (Maine) or 207-667-8212
    joycek@umext.maine.edu; www.umext.maine.edu


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  • Producer/host: Jim Campbell

    Topic: Predictions

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  • Producer/host: Phil Bailey

    Topic: Greatest Catastrophe Ever: Global Warming. A newspaper editorial.

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  • Producer/host: Amy Browne

    Contributing producer: Meredith DeFrancesco

    Topic: Radio Sumpul, WERU’s sister station in Guarjila, Chalatenango, El Salvador. Meredith DeFrancesco reports back from a visit there. (Originally aired 2006)

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