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  • Producer/host: Jim Campbell

    Catch up time today – time to update issues we’ve dealt with before like cell phones and your health, the security of your medical information, and, of course, electronic voting machines.

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  • Producer/host: Amy Browne
    Contributor: Ousman, theme music
    An interview with Carole Whelan of the Maine Chapter of Military Families Speak Out (MFSO). She talks about efforts that group is making to let politicians and candidates here in Maine know what is is really like for the troops and their families. Also, words of advice from a coalition of Maine-based groups that wants to assure that every vote is counted.

    Comments Off on Voices 11/1/06
  • Producer/host: Andree Bella
    Topic: “Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras”, an interview with the authors, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaiijer
    How do the values and attitudes of a culture effect health? How can not wearing a bra increase my chances of being free of breast cancer? What research is available to support this conclusion?

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  • Producer/host: Phil Bailey

    Comments Off on Earth Sense 11/01/06
  • Brooksville artist Robert Shetterly interviews journalist Hal Crowther, one of the “Americans Who Tell the Truth” in Shetterly’s portrait series (FMI about the portrait series: www.americanswhotellthetruth.org)

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  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski
    The “Golden Rule” from around the world

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 10/30/06
  • Producer/host: Amy Browne
    Contributors: Marge May, Cathy Melio, Ousman (theme music)
    Includes music by “Avoiding Signals” with the band’s consent

    Topics: The conclusion of Marge May’s interview series with U.S. Senate candidates from Maine; Cathy Melio interviews Belfast band “Avoiding Signals” and plays some of their music; An interview with Dud Henrick of Deer Isle who is taking part in a movement to call for investigation and possible impeachment of Bush and Cheney.

    Comments Off on Weekend Voices 10/28/06
  • Producer/host: Ron Beard

    Topic: TABOR, the “TaxPayer’s Bill of Rights” which will appear on the Maine ballot in November
    Guests: Mary Adams, TABOR proponent; Bill Becker, Maine Heritage Policy Center; Dana Reed, Town Manager, Bar Harbor; Jeff Austin, Maine Municipal Association
    During the final segment of the program the phone lines were opened to callers.
    What is the general situation with taxes in Maine?
    What attempts have been made to manage growth of taxes?
    How would TABOR reduce the tax burden to Maine citizens?
    What are the potential impacts of TABOR on Maine towns?

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