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  • Host/Producer: Jim Campbell
    Topic: The U.S. is now issuing spanking new passports – with RFID chips in them. The State Department swears these new passports are full of all sorts of security measures which makes it impossible to copy them, skim information from them, or do anything else that might shake our confidence in the usefulness of devices that may one day store not only our pictures and personal information, but also our fingerprints, iris scans and DNA profiles. But guess what? On almost the same day that the U.S. posted all those reassuring (as long as you don’t mind being chipped like cattle) words, there was a demonstration of how to clone an RFID passport. Feel more secure?

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  • Producer: Amy Browne
    Reporter Carolyn Coe interviews local activist Peter Robbins who has been active in Cuba solidarity efforts for several years. He shares his thoughts about the future of Cuba, especially in light of Fidel Castro’s recent health problems
    Also, the Beehive Design Collective joins us to tell us about a dance they’ll be holding in Machias (Maine) this weekend to celebrate their successful renovation of the Machias Grange.

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  • Host: Jim Fisher

    Topic: You are what you eat

    Guests: Bob St. Peter, Eliot Coleman

    What is good food? What land use policies will help? What is the impact of agro-industrial marketing?

    Call in show

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  • Hosts: Rhonda Frey and Meredith DeFrancesco
    Topic: The Maine Indian Land Claims Settlement, focusing on the Maine Indian Tribal State Commission
    An overview of the Maine Indian Land Claims and the settlement that occurred in 1980. The new tribal/state initiative to address the gray areas still at issue in the implementation of the settlement act. A discussion on the issues of alternative dispute resolution processes, the definition of “internal tribal matters”, and the parameters of tribal sovereignty vs. “municipality”.
    Guests: John Diffenbacher-Krall, Executive Director of Maine Tribal State Commission; Tim Love, former Tribal Governor of the Penobscot Nation and negotiator of the Maine Indian Land Claims; John Banks, Director of Natural Resources for the Penobscot Nation and member of the Maine Indian Tribal/State Commission

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  • Host: Jill Goldthwait
    Topic: Summer Youth Programs
    Guests: Teimoc Johnston, Director, Amanda Mangels and Ian Richardson, Student Workers, Brooklin Youth Corp
    Linda Nelson, Executive Director, Galen Koch, Student Intern, Opera House Arts
    Amanda Ravenhill, Terry and Hannah, Islesford Boatworks

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  • Hosts/producers: Meredith DeFrancesco and Amy Browne
    Guests/topics: Ron Greenberg, a local peace activist working to organize a massive peace rally in Bangor this late summer or fall
    Jon Falk, Peace thru InterAmerican Community Action (PICA), describes their efforts to establish an Eastern Maine Fair Economy Commission

    Why is Ron Greenberg taking on such an ambitious project? What does he feel he needs in order to be successful?
    What is the Eastern Maine Fair Economy Commission and how can interested people get involved?

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  • Hosts: Dr. Betty Duff and Joan Clemons

    Guests: Authors Jean Davison and Lee Smith

    Topic: The authors read from their work and a discussion follows.

    Jean Davison holds a Ph.D from Stanford University. She is the author of several books, including Agriculture, Women and Land: The African Experience and Voices from Mutira: Change in the Lives of Rural Gikuyu Women. She founded the non-profit organization, IDEA, in the San Francisco Bay Area in the 1980s. The group later merged with Global Exchange. Now retired from teaching at American University, international consulting work, writing, and family are her top priorities. She splits her year between Cape Rosier (Maine) and Austin, Texas. She is a member of the Deer Isle Writers Collective and her most recent publication is The Ostrich Wakes: Struggles for Change in Highland Kenya.
    Lee Smith is the author of eleven novels including Oral History, Saving Grace, The Devil’s Dream, and Fair and Tender Ladies as well as three collections of stories. Her novel, The Last Girls, was a New York Times bestseller as well as co-winner of the Southern Book Critics Circle Award. A retired professor of English at North Carolina State, she received an Academy Award in Fiction from the American Academy of Arts and Letters in 1999. Her new novel On Agate Hill will be published in October 2006. Lee spends her summers in Castine (Maine).

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  • Host/Producer: Jim Campbell
    Topic: Get a bit of spam in your electronic mailbox? No surprise – the great majority of email moving across the Internet actually is spam. The good news is that the amount of spam is actually decreasing a bit. The bad news is that what’s left is a lot more dangerous. But you know that, right? No? Maybe we’d better talk about this a bit.

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