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  • Producer/Host: Rob McCall

    “Big Buckeye”

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  • Producer/Host: Meredith DeFrancesco

    Program Topic: President Trump’s Executive Order on Climate and Energy and Environmentalist Split on Metallic Mining in Maine

    1) Today, we look at a split between grassroots environmentalists and non-profit environmental groups over legislation that could open Maine to devastating metallic mining ground water pollution.
    2). Seven bills are currently before the Maine legislature’s Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources. LD 160 would ban mining outright. LD 253 would repeal a 2012 rule change which negated more protective standards that had been put in place in 1991. Today we look at LD 820, which a number of non-profits have supported, while others in the environmental community reveal would allow substantial and irreversible onsite groundwater pollution by mining companies. The bill sponsor now seeks amendments to the bill for further protection, but it is now in the hands of the Committeee.
    3) We also look at President Trump’s sweeping executive order on climate and energy, with Janet Redman, the US policy director from Oil Change International.

    Janet Redman, US policy director for Oil Change International and Associate Fellow at the Institute for Policy Studies.
    Lew Kingsbury, activist with Alliance for a Common Good and freelance journalist for The Cryer thecryeronline.com/. Find his article “ Twice Defeated Metallic Mining Rules Faces Third Vote in Legislature”“ in the April edition.

    This program was produced in partnership with the Sunlight Media Collective.

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh


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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

    So there is now no privacy regulations regarding what Internet Service Providers can do with our browsing and other personal information. How did we get in this situation, and what does it mean for our choices as consumers who use the Internet. Here’s the story.

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  • Segment 1: Proposed Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Populations in Maine
    Segment 2: Communities Coming Together for Civil Political Discourse

    Producer/Host: Amy Browne
    Engineer: John Greenman

    State Representative Rachel Talbot Ross of Portland is sponsoring LD1008, legislation that would create a “Permanent Commission on the Status of Racial and Ethnic Populations” in the state. We take you to the public hearing. And in the 2nd half of the show we open the phone lines as we talk with organizers of 2 of the many “civil discussion” type events popping up in the area.
    Stacy Leafsong from Mainers for Accountable Leadership & Standing for the Common Good is organizing a Community Listening Session in Orland this Saturday, and Craig Freshley of Good Group Decisions will fill us in on the “Make Shift Coffee Houses” he facilitates. The next one is coming up Friday night at Husson University.


    Maine Currents- independent local news, views and culture, every Wednesday at 4pm on WERU-FM and weru.org

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  • Host: Cynthia Swan
    Engineer: John Greenman

    Program Topic: Ancient Art of Face Reading

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) What does the shape of the face indicate?
    b) What does the coloration of the face indicate?
    c) Skin Quality and Lines of the face
    Guests by name and affiliation
    Melanie Rose Scofield

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  • Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

    Trailing Clouds of Goodness

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  • The Deer
    Andree Bella | Writer/Performer

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