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  • Producer/Host: R.W. Estela

    Sixty Years from _Sputnik_ . . .

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  • Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

    International Travel Guidelines

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  • Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
    Production Assistant: John Welles

    The Hand

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  • Producer/Host: Tim Hagney


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  • Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
    Engineer: Amy Browne
    Issue: Women in Recovery

    Women in Recovery: How Wellspring Supports Women and Their Children in Recovery

    -The incidence of substance use disorder amongst women has risen more than 400% nationally in the past couple of years
    -It is important to support women AND their children during their initial recovery treatment and afterward, to help them get on their feet and stay on their feet
    -There is still considerable stigma to overcome with respect to individuals struggling with the disease of addiction; something we all need to work on.

    Guest: Suzanne Farley, Executive Director – Wellspring

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  • Producer/Host: Rob McCall

    “Changing Times”

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

    Lots of noise coming out of Washington these days but one thing that hasn’t garnered much public attention is the renewal of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 Amendments Act of 2008. For those of us who communicate electronically, this renewal deserves a lot of attention. Here’s why.

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