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  • Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt

    Program Topic: Nutritional Therapy

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) Using diet to help treat disease
    b) Homeopathy
    c) nutritional supplements

    Guest: Dr Tom Cameron- Wisconsin

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh


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  • Producer/Host: Tim Hagney

    “Grains, Part 2”

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

    Have you heard of the changes to Rule 41 of the Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure due to go into effect on December 1? No? Not surprising given all the post-election blather. Here’s why we should all know about this and maybe call our Congress people to let them know what we think of the rule change.

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  • Producer/Host: Sue Mackey Andrews
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Program Topic: Thanksgiving Dinner Relationships

    Key Discussion Points:
    Importance of relationships in our lives
    Handling and preparing for the inevitable challenges
    Even disasters can be memorable!

    Guest: Charlie Slaughter MPD RD

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  • Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

    “Thanksgiving Proclamation”

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  • Host: Michael Donahue
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Program Topic: Paul Sacaridz, Director, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts

    Haystack present and future, change in leadership

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  • Producer/Host: Larry Dansinger

    “Service for All”

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