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  • Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters of Maine    
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Participatory Democracy

    Program Topic: Free Trade: Winners and Losers in Maine

    Key Discussion Points:

    We’ll talk about international trade policy
    How does it work?
    Who sets the rules?
    What does it mean for Maine?

    Guest: Kate DeLutio, economist, applied researcher, and trade expert. www.45northresearch.com/about/

    To learn more about this topic:
    a) Did China Eat America’s Jobs, Freakonomics, January 25, 2017 freakonomics.com/podcast/china-eat-americas-jobs/
    b) Maine History Online: Trade and Transport, from the Maine Historical Society. www.mainememory.net/sitebuilder/site/885/page/1296/display
    c) Maine Trade Assessment Report 2016, Margaret Chase Smith Policy Center, prepared for the Maine Citizen Trade Policy Commission. www.maine.gov/legis/opla/CTPC2016TradeAssessmentFinal.pdf

    The all-volunteer team at the League of Women Voters – Downeast who plan and coordinate this series includes:
    Starr Gilmartin
    Maggie Harling
    Linda Hoskins
    Ann Luther
    Maryann Ogonowski
    Pam Person
    Leah Taylor
    Linda Washburn

    FMI re League of Women Voters of Maine: www.lwvme.org

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

    Well, the mp3 file format passed away last week. The patent on the codec ran out and the patent holder is off to other things, and there are now more effective audio compression codecs around. Still, mp3 was revolutionary in its time so we dug in the archives to find this old edition that explains just how audio compression in general and mp3 compression in particular works. So long, old friend.

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh

    Granite 1

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  • Host: Denis Howard
    Engineer: John Greenman

    An open-mic style call-in show

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  • Producer/Host: John Greenman
    Studio Engineer: Joel Matt & Matt Murphy

    Update on Maine’s Cuban Connections

    Program Topics: Embargo/Blockade and Guantanamo

    Key Discussion Points:
    Update on the effects of the decades-old embargo
    The latest on the US presence in Guantanamo Bay

    Judy Robbins, “Let Cuba Live”
    Dud Hendrick, Maine Veterans for Peace (just returned from Cuban conference on foreign military bases)

    Maine Currents- independent local news, views and culture, every Wednesday at 4pm on WERU-FM and weru.org

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  • Producer/Host: Duncan Newcomer

    God in History

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  • Producer/Host: Larry Dansinger

    What If…

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  • Delightful Doppelgängers
    CJ kenna | Producer + Writer/Performer

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