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  • Outside the Box 1/29/08

    Producer/host: Larry Dansinger

    Topic: Poverty

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    Published on January 29, 2008 · Filed under: Outside the Box;
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One Response to “Outside the Box 1/29/08”

  1. Dan Marshall said on

    Hi Larry!
    Good show! The whole subject of conferences on poverty and who participates is a new one for me- I have never been to such a conference. I also like the poor person’s definition of poverty much better than the government’s, as I know that in my life, and probably yours, there have been times when I earned a below poverty income, but didn’t really feel poor. I was blessed with good health, very cheap rent, a middle class upbringing with parents that could bail me out if I ever needed it- and didn’t have any of the expensive vices or addictions or legal trouble that have plagued so many poor people.
    Of course, if I had ever gotten seriously ill, and did not have parents that could bail me out, my lack of health insurance could could have been a serious problem. Nor do a lot of poor people have housing as affordable as mine was. Ronald Reagan once said that he wanted an America were anyone could become rich- whereas I want an America where anyone can live a decent life on $800 a month- which would indeed require universal health care and affordable housing and public transportation and all that good stuff.
    Keep up the good work!

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