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  • Healthy Options 1/6/16

    Host and Producer: Cynthia Swan
    Engineer: John Greenman

    Program Topic: “Thyroid Health”

    Key Discussion Points:
    a)What does the thyroid gland do for us?
    b)What are some signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction?
    c) What does a full thyroid panel consist of and what does it tell us about the health of our thyroid?
    d) Why do many doctors ony test the TSH level and consider that good?
    e) Where do you fit into the picture as the Director of Women’s Health at Kennebec Pharmacy?
    f) Are there non-pharmaceutical options to patients who have thyroid disease? Tell us about them.
    g)When would someone benefit from a “compounded” form of thyroid medication and what exactly is that?
    h) Where does iodine fit in?
    i)Where can listeners go to learn more?

    Tanya Kibler, RPh
    phone: 207-594-0888, option 5
    email: tkibler@kpprx.com

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