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  • Democracy Forum 6/18/12

    Producer/Host: Ann Luther, League of Women Voters
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Issue: Participatory Democracy

    Program Topic: Wealth and income inequality in the U.S. and why it matters for democracy
    Key Discussion Points:
    a) What are the trends in wealth and income disparity? Who is affected?
    b) What structural or public policy factors are contributing to this trend?
    c) What are the consequences for democracy and the general well-being?
    d) What can citizens do?


    A) Professor Susan Feiner, Professor of Economics and Professor of Women and Gender Studies, University of Southern Maine, www.usm.maine.edu/eco/susan-feiner.
    B) Dr. Richard Freeman, Herbert Ascherman Chair in Economics at Harvard University and director of the National Bureau of Economic Research, www.nber.org/~freeman/.

    Call In Program: Yes
    Political Broadcast: No

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