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  • Coastal Conversations 8/29/17

    Producer/Host: Natalie Springuel

    Maine coastal and ocean issues: Fisheries History at Penobscot Marine Museum

    -Penobscot Marine Museum’s fisheries exhibit and events and the role of museums in helping people understand about complex fishing industry issues
    -National Fishermen’s photo archives from the Post World War Two era, donated and on display at Penobscot Marine Museum, illustrate over 60 years of fishing industry changes in Maine and the Nation
    -Port Clyde Fresh Catch founder and long time fisherman Glen Libby, described the changes he has seen in 40 years of fishing, including changes in technology and fish populations that led him and others to start the nation’s first community supported fishery.

    Cipperly Good, Penobscot Marine Museum
    Glen Libby, Port Clyde Fresh Catch
    With thanks also to Jessica Hathaway, National Fishermen Magazine

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