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  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: Your dollar is your vote

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 6/11/07
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail?

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 6/04/07
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    An interview with Robert Bly, one of America’s most respected and accomplished poets, talks about the 33rd annual ‘Conference on the Great Mother and New Father,’ held in Nobleboro, Maine from June 2nd – 10th, 2007. A prolific writer of poetry and prose, Bly is known for his outspoken views on American culture and his opposition to the Vietnam and Iraq wars. His book Iron John, a best seller in the early 90s, was regarded by many as the inspiration for the so-called “men’s movement”. Robert is also recognized internationally for his leading work in introducing translations of foreign poets such as Rumi, Kabir and Hafez to the Western world.

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace Special 5/30/07: Robert Bly
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: The Path to Forgiveness

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 5/28/07
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: Searching for Answers

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 5/21/07
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: “The Glorious Revolution”

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 5/14/07
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: “The Problem of Evil”

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 5/7/07
  • Producer/host: Sonia Turanski

    Topic: Sir! No Sir!

    Comments Off on Powerful Peace 3/19/07