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  • Producer/host: Andree Bella

    Topic: “Kombucha and Aromatherapy: Recipies for Health”.

    Guests: Tom Prescot discussing how to make Kombucha Tea, and Diane Braybrook talking about simple aromatherapy concoctions. The idea behind the show was to talk about simple, inexpensive healthy options that are available to everybody.

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 5/2/07
  • Producer/host: Cynthia Swan

    Topic: Breath work

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 4/4/07
  • Producer/host:  Rhonda Feiman

    Guest: Alexandra Merrill

    Topic: Women’s Group Process

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 3/7/07
  • Producer/host: Andree Bella

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 2/7/07
  • Producer/host: Cynthia Swan

    Topic: Aquatic Integration/WATSU: What is AI? What is WATSU? How can these modalities help people? Who created these modalities for healing and why?

    Guests: Cameron West; Vicki Mitchell; Dr. Stephen Huyler

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 1/03/07
  • Producer/host: Rhonda Fieman, Licensed Acupuncturist and Chinese Herbalist

    Guest: Mike Shunney

    Topic: Tai Ji Quan with Mike Shunney.

    What is Tai Ji? How does Tai Ji relate to health and well-being? Experience some tai ji teaching. Listen to Mike Shunney lead us through basic Tai Ji stepping and arm movements.

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 12/06/06
  • Producer/host: Andree Bella
    Topic: “Dressed to Kill: The Link Between Breast Cancer and Bras”, an interview with the authors, Sydney Ross Singer and Soma Grismaiijer
    How do the values and attitudes of a culture effect health? How can not wearing a bra increase my chances of being free of breast cancer? What research is available to support this conclusion?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 11/1/06
  • Host: Cynthia Swan
    Guests: Laura Campbell, RN, songwriter, musician
    Chandra Ma Hanoian, Medium, Spiritual Teacher/Counselor
    Topic: Conversation about Death and Dying
    Questions answered: What is Hospice?
    What is Mediumship?
    How can these two different but related topics help the dying and the living?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 10/04/06