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  • Host: Cynthia Swan
    Guests: Laura Campbell, RN, songwriter, musician
    Chandra Ma Hanoian, Medium, Spiritual Teacher/Counselor
    Topic: Conversation about Death and Dying
    Questions answered: What is Hospice?
    What is Mediumship?
    How can these two different but related topics help the dying and the living?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 10/04/06
  • Host: Rhonda Feiman
    Topic: Financial health with Ruth Hayden, Financial Educator and financial consultant, President of Ruth L. Hayden and Associates, www.RuthHayden.com
    Why should financial health be part of our total health regime?
    How do our beliefs about money determine our spending, saving or earning behavior?
    What actual techniques can we use to have a healthy financial life and use money as a tool?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 09/06/06
  • Host: Andree Bella
    Topic: An interview with Kristin Jacobson of “Rain Song”, a center for hypnotherapy and holistic wellness in Montville, Maine (www.rainsonghw.com)
    How is hypnotherapy defined? How is it different from hypnosis? What are some uses?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 08/02/06
  • Host: Cynthia Swan
    Topic: Interview with Amy E. Stein, author of Fragments: Coping With Attention Deficit Disorder

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 07/05/06
  • Host: Rhonda Feiman, Doctor of Oriental Medicine
    Topic: Illness and Intuition: the brain and the mind/body connection
    Guest: Dr. Mona Lisa Schultz, noted neuropsychiatrist, scientist and medical intuitive. Dr. Schultz is the author of Awakening Intuition and the new Feminine Brain: How Women Can Develop Their Inner Strengths, Genius and Intuition

    How are physical symptoms often an expression of, and signal of, some emotional imbalance?
    How do our bodies signal imbalances in our lives?
    How can attitudes and beliefs be changed in order to live balanced and healthy life?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 06/07/06
  • Host Andree Bella interviews Dr. Christiane Northrup about her book “Mother-Daughter Wisdom: Understanding the Crucial Link Between Mothers, Daughters and Health” What is the link between mothers and daughters that is so important for good physical and mental health? What can you tell us about your views on c-sections, post-partum depression and vaccinations? How does a mother help her daughter develop positive, empowering relationships? And when a daughter “dumps on Mom” how would a mother handle this?

    Comments Off on Healthy Options 05/03/06