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  • Producer/Host: Sarah O’Malley

    “Going Gray”

    Transcripts and more information available at theworldaroundusradio.blogspot.com/

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  • Producer/Host: Anu Dudley
    Production Assistant: John Welles


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  • Producer/Host: Matt Murphy
    Engineer: Amy Browne

    Info on WERU events and happenings, including an update on damage caused by the lightning strike last weekend and on-going repair work.

    Joel Mann, Programming Director
    Denis Howard, Music & Underwriting Manager
    Amy Browne, News & Public Affairs Manager

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  • Producer/Host: Rob McCall

    “The Hermit Thrush”

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Bahoosh


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  • Producer/Host: Dr. John Hunt
    Engineer: John Greenman

    Program Topic: veterinary emergency medicine

    Key Discussion Points:
    a) emergency clinic staff
    b) common emergencies
    c) equipment at emergency clinic

    Guest: Jennifer Bricker, Manager, Eastern Maine Veterinary Emergency Clinic

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  • Producer/Host: Jim Campbell

    Summer in Maine, so here’s a rebroadcast of a program from last winter that visitors may not have heard and others may wish to hear again. In the 2016 Consumer Electronic Show, there were lots of new whizbang online tools and toys. One thing that was unfortunately absent was a deep concern about online security and safety.

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  • Producer/Host: Tim Hagney

    “Natural healing vs medication”

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